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Whether your loan application was rejected or the loan amount did not meet your expectations, we are here to help you find a solution to these problems.

DT Firm offers personalized one-on-one consultations for every business owner.

Our Services

We accept all types of credit, including those with a poor credit history, bad credit, or no credit at all. Our goal is to help you secure a loan regardless of your credit situation.

Business Loan

A financial advisor can assist a business owner in obtaining a loan by providing expert advice and guidance on the loan application process. They can help the business owner understand the different types of loans available, the requirements for each loan, and the application process.

Personalized Consultation

DT provided one-on-one meeting with a financial expert to discuss a client's financial goals, credit history, income,
and expenses. 

Debt Consolidation

By lowering monthly payments, simplifying payments, and improving credit scores, debt consolidation can free up cash flow for business owners to use for other expenses and investments, helping to grow their business over time.

Capital House (Funder)

Capital house can provide business owners with access to the necessary capital to invest in their business,

Why did the bank reject your loan application?


Poor credit history

Credit reports are one of the tools lenders use to determine a borrower’s credibility. If your credit report shows a lack of past diligence in paying back debts, you might be rejected for a loan.


Limited cash flow

A measure of how much cash you have on hand to pay back a loan – is usually the first thing lenders look at when gauging the health of your business.
Too many loan applications
Opening too many loan applications at once can be a red flag for credit bureaus

How can we help you?

Provide free 1 to 1 professional consultation
When you apply for a business loan, lenders want to see that you’ve sought guidance from knowledgeable advisors. We had experience ex-banker to give free consultation.
Giving solid business plan
Having a plan and sticking to it is much more attractive than spontaneity in the finance world. It also gives you a better chance of getting a business loan.

Solving cash flow problem

Cash flow issue can be easily solved with low interest business loan.
Rebuild company credit score
Rebuild your credit with one-time payment and access lower interest rate

Why choose us?

Bank Loan Application Rejected? 

You Can Rely On Us 

100% NO upfront fee and NO faking of documents



We do not charge any fees for consultation until the loan approved 


NO faking of documents

Get your loan approved and disbursed quickly, and safely.


YES when the
banks say no

We can help to get you approved even with bad credit or poor credit

Free Consultation

Meet With Our Team

Thank you for the submission, we will get back to you as soon as possible

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